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Day or Night Winter Whites 6-Pack

Day or Night Winter Whites 6-Pack

Day or Night Winter Whites 6-Pack

White after Labor Day? Yes, please! This box will bring perfumed scents to your nose and rich, full, and round tastes to your palate — the perfect accompaniment to warm your winter.

The more you devote yourself to this white wine, the more you find yourself falling for its softness and its elegance.

The sunny days bring out the elegant fruit notes, while the cool nights give the vino a crisp, mineral-y finish. The nose is like a grudge match between fruits including passionfruit, freshly picked peaches, kiwi, elderflower, and honeysuckles. The sippin' is notably lively, refreshing, and zippy as the fresh fruit melts into a chalky and zesty finish.

If you’ve ever wondered what Bacio Della Luna, a “kiss of the moon,” tastes like — here is a bubbler for you. This Prosecco (Italy’s version of Champagne) is made from Glera grapes which are living their best life in the rich, ancient soils of a little slice of Italian heaven called Treviso, a region purported to have created tiramisu. Any bubbles are great with a splash of OJ, but this "Extra Dry" version with 15 grams of sugar will set it off that much more vs the "Brut" sister with under 10 grams.

Grillo — a super cool white wine from Sicily, and she is elegant, charming, and always up for a good time.

The aromas burst out with citrus and slowly take you down a green & grassy pathway. All those flavors breakdance across the taste buds with such style and smoothness.

The juice is generous, round, and lush on the palate filled with notes of fresh mango, passion fruit, and star fruit balanced with mouthwatering minerality.

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