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All-Star 6-Pack

All-Star 6-Pack

All-Star 6-Pack

This juice is notable for a beautiful fruit forward style with ripe red fruit coming out of the gate that settles into more complex notes of baking spice and a touch of pepper. It's easy drinking, well balanced, and pairs well with all kinds of foods or it's delightful just on its own.

Expect intense, fruity flavors from this juice, but with an oh-so-smooth elegance.

The vino is remarkably pure, balanced, and lengthy, bursting with a fruity character of red cherry and succulent strawberry.

Just imagine a homemade pie crust that just starts to get toasted filled with unbelievably fresh strawberries and rhubarb all vaporized into a new spiked La Croix flavor. Yeah, exactly... this vino is quite special.

The juice is generous, round, and lush on the palate filled with notes of fresh mango, passion fruit, and star fruit balanced with mouthwatering minerality.

Grillo — a super cool white wine from Sicily, and she is elegant, charming, and always up for a good time.

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