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Sparkling Rosé 3-Pack

Sparkling Rosé 3-Pack

Sparkling Rosé 3-Pack

If there’s bubbly flowing, you know there’s a party going. We put together this box so you can appreciate the effervescent delights and array of styles of sparkling wine.

For an out-of-this-world wine experience, you’re going to want to get in on this Piquette — the latest natural-wine trend where water is added to grape pomace (the grape leftovers) and allowed to ferment. Et voilà!

This bottle was made with Garnacha grapes, giving it that glorious pink hue and ultra-nice touch.

These bubbles are made via the Charmat method AKA Metodo Italiano AKA the Italian method, which traps bubbles in wine via carbonation in large steel tanks. The results are fit for a Venetian prince or princess.

Price as configured: $57