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Bright Lights, Big Pretty 3-Pack

Bright Lights, Big Pretty 3-Pack

Bright Lights, Big Pretty 3-Pack

Classic practices, minimal intervention, and a community-based attitude come together in this classic Hawke’s Bay-reared bottle — boasting a rainbow of flavors and a flamboyant attitude.

Daniel Brennan, the winemaker, always aims to bring his drinkers wines of distinction and the best expressions of this magical island paradise. And with this smoky Chardonnay, he fulfills and exceeds all taste expectations.

The nose is all about bright floral aromas, and orange blossoms dominate the first whiff. Hints of cinnamon toast, brioche, and lemon meringue pie develop on the nose as the wine opens up with some air. The front palate is fresh with a soft, supple attack on the cheeks and a racing, spicy mid-palate melting into a chalky, tangy finish screaming for bold food pairings.

Price as configured: $69