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2021 Elicio Rosé

2021 Elicio Rosé
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




80% Grenache, 20% Syrah


Creamy flowers and fresh red raspberries, like a spring smoothie


Eagerly fruit forward and delightfully tart, with a host of fresh berries welcoming you to summertime.



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More about this wine from Rhône Valley, France
The French are the OGs of rosé. Literally, France is where the pink juice craze all began and the trend has spread to every wine region around the globe. So it is quite awesome that we have a guy... a guy that is a Frenchman and roams France's countryside hunting for delicious vino. Our guy has done it again with this rosé from the southern portion of the Rhone Valley, which is an internationally heralded wine region.

This version of pink wine is bright and vibrant pink, almost like a vintage neon sign that has faded over the years in the window of a quaint, rural gas station. The juice is uber fruit forward with the fruit bursting from the glass eager to meet ya, say "hey, it's rosé season again!" The nose has an elegant creamy flowery-ness leading to all those ripe berries. The sipping is tart, fruity, and just the beginning of an endless summer.
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The park is nice with friends, of course, but you're looking for some quiet solitude for a few hours. You lay down a tapestry in the grass and take a peaceful break from the madness.

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