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2020 Gönc Winery "Pour Some Sugar On Me" Gamay

2020 Gönc Winery "Pour Some Sugar On Me" Gamay
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




100% Gamay


Fresh raspberries and cherries in a dark spice sandwich.


Light and bright fruit donning a smoking jacket at the end of the night.



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More about this wine from Stajerska, Slovenia
Def Leppard people, you never thought you’d get a bottle of wine named after your all-time fave karaoke song. Well, now you do. Peter Gönc, one of our favorite lesser-known but up-and-coming winemakers from Slovenia, created this super tasty 100% Gamay that’ll get you kicking into fourth or possibly fifth gear. The label is a mashup of that famous “Flashdance” sequence and bombastic 80s rock. And inside the bottle, you can expect the same kind of explosive flavors in this bright ruby Gamay teeming with lush fruits and spice that is truly a unique expression of this grape.
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Pro Tip:

This wine pairs well with so many things, but we go head over heels for a roast chicken slathered in herbs.

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