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2021 Encostas do Lima Vinho Verde Rosé DOC

2021 Encostas do Lima Vinho Verde Rosé DOC
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11%




75% Souzao, 15% Borracal and 10% Espadeiro


Strawberries skydiving through clouds of citrus.


Lots-o berries bouncing atop oranges and mandarins.



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More about this wine from Vinho Verde, Portugal
Whoo-heee, this is a bright pink Vinho Verde, and we are here for it! We love the pink drink, and we especially love one with a provenance — a fancy art history term that means something with some history and lineage. This bottle was produced at a winery in Ponte de Lima, a beautiful, tiny town with a Roman bridge and medieval towers, which is fitting since it's the oldest town in Portugal. The soils here produce grapes you’ve probably never heard of—including all the grapes in this bottle, which is 75% Souzao, 15% Borracal and 10% Espadeiro. You’re going to love how youthful and aromatic it is, but also how elegant. Drink chilled!
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

This is a very versatile food wine, especially with Iberian dishes, like a tapenade or grilled fish.

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