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2019 Zazou Picpoul de Pinet

2019 Zazou Picpoul de Pinet
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Picpoul


If spring had perfume, this would be it: fresh flowers with a hint of citrus


Vibrant, bright, and refreshing like a bowl of ripe lemons and white peaches
More about this wine from Languedoc, France
The French know a thing or two about making wine. They've been doing it for centuries and sometimes they keep their vino knowledge a little too close to the vest, but we've got the lowdown for you on this v cool indigenous French grape. The coolest fact about this wine is that "Picpoul" literally translates to, "sting the lips," (*enter several Anchorman jokes*).

The grape got its name because the wine is high in acidity, which means it's refreshing and tart as you sip on it while hoping for a short winter. This bottle makes for a great aperitif but also goes particularly well with salty dishes, especially seafood or charcuterie. In France, it is most often served with oysters — so make like the French and get shucking.
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