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2019 Coragem Reserva

2019 Coragem Reserva
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




60% Syrah, 20% Castelao, 20% Aragones


Raspberry coming at you as far as the day is long.


Wild berries going on a roller coaster ride through a toaster oven.



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More about this wine from Lisbon, Portugal
Portuguese wines have always been a thing. And then some years ago (armchair speculating when Lisbon began taking off as a go-to European getaway destination), Portuguese wine really became a thing. In this red blend, you’ll understand why. It’s made with Syrah and Tempranillo (aka Aragonês in Portuguese) and a stealth infusion of Castelão, an indigeneous and super popular Portuguese varietal. It’s this grape, with its fruitiness and heartiness and ever-present rusticity, that gives you that earthy life force so often found in wines of western Iberia. Enjoy it now or give it some time, like that love you don’t want to rush — and it will really allow you to know its character.
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Pro Tip:

We love this dish with hearty meats and gorgeous roasts, but it’s amazing with this buttery risotto.

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