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2019 Storm Point Chenin Blanc

2019 Storm Point Chenin Blanc
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




100% Chenin Blanc


Discovering the contrasts between savory and herbal aromas that surrender to stone fruit and citrus blossoms.


Lemon zest sprinkled with sea water in a classic expression of body, minerality, and freshness


9 Ratings
More about this wine from Swartland, South Africa
This wine description is loaded with fun facts for your next trivia battle: wine edition. Chenin Blanc is an old ass grape dating back to France in the 9th century. The French are also credited with bringing the varietal to South Africa around 1655. Fast forward a few hundred years and this grape is really thriving and showing off how good the wine can be coming from South Africa!

The grapes in this bottle are 100% from the Swartland region, neighboring Stellenbosch. This is textbook Chenin Blanc featuring a mineral drive with ample weight balanced by poignant acid on the finish.The juice opens your eyes to the beauty and sophistication of South Africa’s beloved and most widely planted variety. Good thing this little berry made its way from France to the bottom of Africa!
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Soaking in a deep ass bathtub with your wine in hand listening to Lost in Japan by the sultry Shawn Mendes.

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