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2017 Paritua "Stone Paddock" Sauvignon Blanc

2017 Paritua "Stone Paddock" Sauvignon Blanc
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




100% Sauvignon Blanc


White stone fruit, rock melon, lime zest, and sweet basil, like a super overpriced smoothie


Finely textured, juicy, and lively, with a crisp acidity and a long finish


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More about this wine from Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Whomever declared all New Zealand Sauv Blancs are the same is clearly not a Wine Awesomeness customer. This summer we've amped up all our selections of wines, but we've really created an awesome tour across New Zealand SB. The Stone Paddock SB hails from the Paritua Winery in Hawke's Bay, which is named for the Paritua stream, which is a major reason this land produces such deluxe and flavorful grapes!

The 2017 Paritua Stone Paddock Sauvignon Blanc is a youthful wine with bright acidity that makes the mouth water after each sip. This NZ Sauv Blanc is the just right balance between tropical guava, melon, and kiwi, with herbs that invoke memories of a fresh cut lawn in summer.
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It's your bi-monthly movie night extravaganza and you've got all the drinks, snacks, and good company you could ever need. Time to pour a glass, press play, and decompress from a long week.

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