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2016 Comte de Langeron, Beaujolais Villages

2016 Comte de Langeron, Beaujolais Villages
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




100% Gamay


Youthful ripe red fruit wafting in the air of the season's first farmer's market.


Bright Bing cherries and fresh white flowers floating in a Dr. Pepper can.

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More about this wine from Beaujolais Villages, France
Think of Gamay as the more value-driven version of Pinot Noir. When hailing from France, they are both on the lighter body side of things and both have vibrant, red fruity characteristics. Quick tip: When you think of body think skim milk vs 2% milk vs. whole milk on a scale of light to big body wines.

Gamay is from Beaujolais, which is right next to Burgundy. This version of the varietal is exactly what we mean by the value-driven version of Pinot Noir. Your mouth will think you've found Graceland aka adult cherry cola. This wine is fresh, youthful and immediately ready for sipping, making Gamay truly the wine you want on hand for everyday wine leisure times.

How to drink it


Raking autumn leaves on the front lawn.

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Couleur Couleur (ft. Yelle) - Crookers