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2015 Schafer Rosé

2015 Schafer Rosé
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11.50%




100% Pinot Noir


Wild strawberries, peach skin and a ton of minerality. It smells like spring-time in the park.


Juicy red berries mix with fresh mineral notes of spring water. Chalky limestone flavors make it incredibly zesty.

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More about this wine from Rheinhessen, Germany
Hailing from one of Germany's most famous winemaking regions, this Rheinhessen rosé is as dry as it gets while still having a rockin' body and solid fruitiness. Farmers have been cultivating grapes here since the days of the Romans \- those are some old vines. Bonus: it's made with organic grapes!

A glass of this makes you feel like you just came out of the cold ocean, after a long swim. Even on the warmest days it can perk you up any dish. A ton of minerality like limestone, river rocks and spring water makes this almost a little too easy drinking. A bit of gentle and vibrant red fruit make for a cheerful finish.
How to drink it


Spring apertif, pre-dinner porch sipper

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End of the Line - The Traveling Wilburys


The bright acidity of the tomatoes is the perfect answer to the soaring structure of this wine. The chickpeas round out the palate.

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