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2015 Gateway Vinho Verde

2015 Gateway Vinho Verde
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 9.5%




35% Arinto, 40% Loureido and 25% Trajadura


Watermelon with some white flowers


Granny Smith apple, Starburst candy with a slight effervescence

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More about this wine from Portugal
This wine is a clear example of American students studying abroad in Europe and then coming back home and demanding every wine shop carry this Portuguese summer speciality. Vinho Verde is a fancy sounding wine that is actually very affordable, value driven and the unsung "it's too damn hot" hero for your next pool party. This version is a blend of three indigenous varietals that are way too hard to pronounce, but are picked individually and make for a balanced wine between the rich fruit and natural acidity.

The term 'green,' or 'verde' in Vinho Verde, does not refer to its color but the fact that it is a young wine. And like most fresh, summer wines these bottles are meant to be opened now.
How to drink it


Adulting - aka procrastinating chores before your dinner party

Listening to...

Soak Up the Sun - Sheryl Crow


The low alcohol content in these bottles make this wine a perfect aperitif or before dinner adult beverage. In other words, your dinner guests won't get too out of hand with this highly gulpable vino.

Summertime salty foods, fried fish & chips, clams and shellfish